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Meetings (When & Where): 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm/19h. Food court tables, Denison Centre, 1661 Denison St, Markham geo:43.8330,-79.3059 (Under tree, in front of Shoppers Drug Mart. Pictures of location: here) All are welcome. Meetings (Posted on other websites): Wearable Computing - Toe Keyboard (Eventbrite page) Search for "Wearable Computing - Toe Keyboard" in Snapd - Markham. Or see it in the calendar. iCalendar: events.ics Meeting minutes: Meeting minutes

Worldwide toekeyboard usergroup meetings (3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm/19h, local time. Food court tables)
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3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm/19h. IRC channel: #toekeyboard on freenode IRC logs (Download text here)


Download demo (Python)

Platforms to be supported:


	Coupled with a cellphone, bluetooth headset, and using text-to-speech (TTS) software:
		Hands-free, voice-free text messaging
		Hands-free, voice-free note taking
		Hands-free, voice-free music player control
		Search engine searches (acquire information discreetly)

	Professions where hands are dirty, or using work gloves.  
		Auto mechanics
		Chefs, in the kitchen during food preparations. (pulling up recipes / next orders, on electronic displays.  Waiters / Waitresses
		Wood-working / Machine / Tool-setter workshops
		Construction workers, factory workers
		Medical personnel / staff: 
			paramedics, nurses, doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, psychiatrists (discreet notetaking, to put patients at ease during observation)
		Garbage / waste removal, janitors
		Powerpoint presentation control (next slide / previous slide)
		Discreet messaging among business partners
		Note taking during meetings, without appearing distracted.  (Secretaries)
		Reporters / Journalists during live interviews (discreet note taking)
		Musicians, musical performers, buskering, street performers
			-while playing instruments (page turning of electronic music sheets on tablets)
			-controlling of background / accompanying / percussion music
		DJ'ing (disk jockey) / VJ'ing (video disk jokey) - next track.  effect pedal.  Simulated scratching of vinyl record (rotate forward / backward)
		Entertainers, Vocal performers:   singers, rappers, comedians
			Rappers - discreetly feed yourself vocabulary / words during freestyling  
					-in conjunction with a bone conduction hearing system.  
					-ie. bone conduction hearing glasses.  bluetooth earbuds
		Acting / On stage / Live performances: actors / actress, broadway
		Television studio sets: News anchors, interviewers, camera operators
			-mentalist (mind reading acts)
			-ventriloquists (talking puppet)
		Baseball, Cricket (communicating amongst players and coaches)
		Dancing (virtual dance trainer)
	Mobile Gaming:
		Driving simulators (gas & break pedals)
		Effect pedals (audio synthesizers)
		Virtual reality users (texting while in a virtual world)
		Go / Chess assistant
		Blind / Visually impaired
				CNIB (wikipedia)
				NFB (wikipedia)
			Mobile phone input when full keyboard is unavailable 
		Arm amputees
			Phocomelia (Thalidomide / Development of analogs of thalidomide)
			Roberts syndrome
		Stewards / Stewardesses, Ground crew
		Astronaunts (Extra-Vehicular Activity).  Raising suit temperature, typing notes.
		Word translations (dictionary look-ups), during mid-conversations
		Become a self-ventriloquist.  Puppet yourself to speak a translated word / sentence

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