Next Steps / To Do

-figure out how to re-compile f-droid programs, create apk

-figure out how to write android ndk c programs, access alsa driver
    ~$wajig search android ndk
    google-android-ndk-installer - Google Android Native Development Kit (NDK) Installer
        Length: 755551010 (721M) [application/zip]
        Saving to: ‘’

,10178.html Multitoe interaction: bringing multi-touch to interactive floors Interactive Floor OmniTouch: Wearable Multitouch Interaction Everywhere WWW.GOODNEWS.WS Make It Wearable | Episode 4: Becoming Superhuman Make It Wearable | A Screenless Future Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 - 2050  10 upcoming Google Projects !

----piezo-electric hearing system
        -rc cars rechargable batteries make piezo-electric, operational amplifier hearing system
                Creative speakers:  18V
                -hook up in series, 18V?        two 9V batteries?
                -hide piezo-electric speaker under back of tie, clip on back of shirt

----bluetooth le toekeyboard
----bluetooth smart toekeyboard
                Classic Bluetooth technology    Bluetooth Smart technology
        Active slaves   7               Not defined; implementation dependent
    As it stands in iOS 6.1.4, the current limit for Bluetooth Low Energy devices is 10 simultaneous CONNECTIONS  type in keyboard by toes 

----happy spy socks
----spy socks
                Canada Robotix
                800 Denison St., Unit 8-10


                        567 Davis Drive, Unit 1, Newmarket
                                44.061033, -79.454877

        jun 06, 2017
            #PitchItYork, york downs country club

----hackers keyboard
        Android(Java) or iOS ( swift / objective-C)
grub detect android-x86 Wearable speech enhancement system based on MEMS
mems wearable power


--f-droid programs



    --text to speech


----dotdash a faire
    -essayer de changer le display nom de dotdash application
    -adjouter le lettre acoter de le morse code symbol


----3.5mm audio jack
    -bicycler a wire suppliers, cherche 8ft+ male-to-male avec 3.5mm audio jack (x2)
    -aller a creatronics, price de 3.5mm audio jack
    -aller a sayal, price 3.5mm audio jack / ethernet cable

    price       stock       date        website             location            
    $0.25       44      jul 30,2017       1914 pine grove ave, pickering

        Sayal Electronics
                7701 Woodbine Ave, Markham                              -14th/woodbine
                3791 Victoria Park Ave #1-5, Scarborough                        -victoria park/steeles

                3575 Sheppard Ave. East, Scarborough    (8km.  Birchmount & Sheppard)
                old     3127 Sheppard Ave. East, Scarborough    (9km)           //moved, May 2017

----wire suppliers
    -8 foot+, 30 gauge.  avec deux 3.5mm TRS audio jack connector.  couper dans le milieu, pour 4 foot+ wire et connector.

    Sayal Electronics
        7701 Woodbine Ave, Markham                              -14th/woodbine
        3791 Victoria Park Ave #1-5, Scarborough                        -victoria park/steeles

        3575 Sheppard Ave. East, Scarborough    (8km.  Birchmount & Sheppard)
        old     3127 Sheppard Ave. East, Scarborough    (9km)           //moved, May 2017

    #2 Cable specialist
        30 Royal Crest, Unit #2, Markham
        43.840832, -79.328088

    Industrial Electric Wire & Cable Company
        10 Melford Dr, Scarborough
        43.807587, -79.234534

    House Of Electrical Supplies
        880 Milner Ave, Scarborough
        43.799474, -79.194616

        5310 Finch Ave E #39, Scarborough
        43.812163, -79.249389

    S&S Electronics
        2200 Markham Rd #5, Scarborough
        43.808661, -79.244233

    Independent Electric Supply Inc
        48 Milner Ave, Scarborough
        43.784879, -79.253200

    Robertson Electric Wholesale
        140 Milner Ave, Scarborough
        43.786898, -79.245182 search "audio cable"

    Infinite Cables Inc.
        380 Bentley St #1, Markham
        43.829715, -79.336787

    Cables On Sale Ltd.
        9251 Yonge St #8221, Richmond Hill
        43.852698, -79.431849

    GutWire Audio Cables
    Audio Sensibility
        3 Mylesview Pl, North York
        43.759433, -79.429684
        235 Hood Rd, Suite 1, Markham
        43.825036, -79.326813

    B R T B (Canada) Inc
        45 Riviera Dr, Markham
        43.830955, -79.344055



----bluetooth connection  (audio)

    [bluetooth]# scan on
    [bluetooth]# pair 90:21:55:1D:26:00
    [bluetooth]# connect 90:21:55:1D:26:00
    (audio will start working)

    [bluetooth]# scan off
    [bluetooth]# help
    [bluetooth]# list
    [bluetooth]# disconnect

    [bluetooth]# devices
        00:1F:20:55:18:22 Logitech Keyboard Case    does not work
        14:74:11:8F:89:D4 Name: PlayBook-47AD       audio works
        90:21:55:1D:26:00 HTC Aria A6380        audio works
            Connected to media audio

        4E:74:8F:BF:D6:DB Name: iPad
        Controller 68:94:23:87:A5:3A 67-ubuntu [default]

        Controller 00:21:86:7E:CE:1C 53-debian [default]
            -wacom tablet, doesnt see anything


-start seeding 'hello world'.  static file

-dd 80GB to 250GB hdd
    -put android-x86 on 80GB

-install debian linux on desktop
    -have lenovo t530 laptop available for demo'ing android-x86

-install android-x86 i686 on hdd.  run off of tablet pc

-consolidate this todo file avec,
    -remove videos from

-reset android froyo 2.2 to factory default
        Operating system    Android 2.1 (Eclair) and HTC Sense (with Friend Stream), upgradable to 2.2 via HTC,[1][2] or 2.3 via CyanogenMod 7[3]     DotDash Keyboard

----turbine in shoe
        -NEMS / MEMS turbine power Shoe sole with liquid-powered electrical generator
        turbine in sole of shoe to generate power

----android wear
----android smartwatch

-re-compile dotdash using debian android tools

-put android-x86 80GB 2.5" sata hdd
    -dd 80GB to 250GB samsung sdd 2.5"

-map out wire suppliers on morning side

-setup seed box
-have a bittorrent seedbox  (P3, i686), quiet

-faire personalized advertisement quand donne les toekeyboards sample kits a les gens.

        -look for male-to-male 3.5mm connector
                -wire suppliers
                -dollar store

                -on mini-atx quad-core computer
                        -live cd works
                        -usbstick installed:   get to Welcome Screen.  then infinite loop
                                Setup Wizard has stopped.  Open app again.
                -installer sur 250GB.
                        -first partition.  works

                -try usbstick on lenovo t530

                -dd 80GB to 250GB sdd
                -put android-x86 on 80GB

        -uninstalled Google Apps:
                CN Thai Keyboard
                Vietnamese IME

        -external / outer protective layer
                -heat shrink wrap
                -vinyl (iron pressed)

        -print out
                -4 charts
                        -english mmemonic tree
                        -A-Z sequential
                        -tap code
                -Uses section
        -short circuit 9V  (wrap with electrical tape)
        -seed static file on bittorrent

-acheter les fils de different colouers (peut customiser)

-run replicant ISO on qemu

    qemu-system-arm - QEMU full system emulation binaries (arm)

-install android-x86 on hdd
    -est-ce que ca detuire tous l'espace?

    -installer android-x86, puis debian

-faire 'hello world' apk
-developer pour android device que j'en ai, Froyo
    google-android-platform-8-installer - Google's Android SDK Platform 8 Installer
        Code name   Version number  Initial release date    API level   Support status[3]
        (No codename)[4]    1.0     September 23, 2008  1   Unsupported
        (Internally known as "Petit Four")[4]   1.1     February 9, 2009    2   Unsupported
        Cupcake     1.5     April 27, 2009  3   Unsupported
        Donut[5]    1.6     September 15, 2009  4   Unsupported
        Eclair[6]   2.0–2.1   October 26, 2009    5–7   Unsupported
        Froyo[7]    2.2–2.2.3     May 20, 2010    8   Unsupported         <----
        Gingerbread[8]  2.3–2.3.7     December 6, 2010    9–10  Unsupported
        Honeycomb[9]    3.0–3.2.6     February 22, 2011   11–13     Unsupported
        Ice Cream Sandwich[10]  4.0–4.0.4     October 18, 2011    14–15     Unsupported
        Jelly Bean[11]  4.1–4.3.1     July 9, 2012    16–18     Unsupported
        KitKat[12]  4.4–4.4.4     October 31, 2013    19–20     Supported;[13] See clarification
        Lollipop[14]    5.0–5.1.1     November 12, 2014   21–22     Supported
        Marshmallow[15]     6.0–6.0.1     October 5, 2015     23  Supported
        Nougat[16]  7.0–7.1.2     August 22, 2016     24–25     Supported
        O   8.0     TBA     26  Beta

-get to work in debian linux
    -get python demo working  (with delete / enter)
    -move program to background process, donc peut utiliser bash dans debian linux
    -get 3.5mm audio jack to accept input.  hdajackretask

-create android .APK, so can install on phone
-get to work in android-x86

-find sponsorship / get partners to acquire 3.5mm audio jack cable  (bulk, 50+)
    -to create functional kits, so partner can give them away

-two different wire thicknesses (AWG - american wire guage)
    -20 AWG (thick for robusness. ie. sports)
    -30 AWG (thin for comfort. ie. business)

----piezo speaker
----operational amplifier

----usb amplifier speaker
----amplifier speaker
----collar speaker
    -piezo-electric speaker with a shirt clip
        -usb powered, for audio amplifier
        -cherche                ----amplifier
                    ----set-up transformer
                    ----voltage amplifier     Talking Dog 1- New Collar      Talking Dog 1- New Collar

----car radio fm circuit board

                dual operational amplifier
        Table of ITU Radio Bands Band Number    Abbreviation    Frequency Range     Wavelength Range†
        4   VLF     3 to 30 kHz     10 to 100 km
        5   LF  30 to 300 kHz   1 to 10 km
        6   MF  300 to 3000 kHz     100 to 1000 m
        7   HF  3 to 30 MHz     10 to 100 m
        8   VHF     30 to 300 MHz   1 to 10 m
        9   UHF     300 to 3000 MHz     10 to 100 cm
        10  SHF     3 to 30 GHz     1 to 10 cm
        11  EHF     30 to 300 GHz   1 to 10 mm
        12  THF     300 to 3000 GHz     0.1 to 1 mm

Next steps todo (old)

Fini / Done

-remove embedded youtube videos off of this page?  slow to load.   put back videos.html
    -creer nouvelle page, seulement avec text

Softare Resource Links

Audio jack (3.5mm connector) hacking


    hdajackretask code

    Xoscope code

    Android audio

Open-source cellphone

Android SDK

----android sdk
----android ndk
----android runtime
----android app development

        On July 17, 2017, Jide announced that development of Remix OS for PC, as well as related consumer products in development, was being discontinued

        intel_powerclamp: Intel powerclamp does not run on family 18 model 3
        intel_rapl: driver does not support CPU family 17 model 3

$dd if=android-x86-7.1-rc1.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=512M
dd: failed to open '/dev/sdc': Permission denied
$su             //need to dd as root, no permission to access /dev/sdc as non-root.  unless sudo?

Android-x86            //release 7.1                   2017-06-08
                  //release 6.0                   2017-04-24
                  //cyanogenmod release 13.0      2017-01-18
        Search all related web sites: ** ,* ,* ,*




Search Engine

    surfraw - fast unix command line interface to WWW
    w3m - WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/frames support

    ----bone conduction


    1) Morse code to Text
    2) Search in bi-lingual dictionary
    3) Text to speech

    -discreet translation

    espeak - Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer
    mbrola - Multilingual software speech synthesizer

    apertium - Shallow-transfer machine translation engine
    dictd - dictionary server
    dict-freedict-all - meta-package to install dictionary databases from the FreeDict project

    ----the pilot
            63 Flushing Avenue Building 128 Brooklyn, NY
           New York City, NY
            New Lab 63 Flushing Avenue
            11206 Brooklyn
          The Pilot

    ----other headphones
            Munich - Germany              You've Never Seen A Drone Like This...      Introducing MyTap     Jabra Elite Sport Hands-On: No Strings On Me      Bragi Dash Review      The Dash – Listen. Track. Communicate.      Bragi Announces The Headphone

Ventriloquist / Mentalist / Mind reading / Magician act / Animatronics

    -like teddy ruxpin / wikibear on conan / Ted / animatronics at chuck e cheese / tickle-me-elmo Tickle Me Elmo X TMX Elmo Tickle Me Emo Teddy Ruxpin Commercial WikiBear Uses Wikipedia for Brains - Demo   WikiBear: Heaven's Gate Edition - CONAN on TBS Seth MacFarlane's "Ted" R-Rated Teddy Bear Malfunctions - CONAN on TBS's#Animatronic_figures
   Achmed the Dead Terrorist Has a Son - Jeff Dunham - Controlled Chaos | JEFF DUNHAM "Meet Achmed the Dead Terrorist" | Spark of Insanity | JEFF DUNHAM

Baseball / Cricket

    -baseball applications
    -if outfielder wants to talk to the infielder, manager, people in the dugout.
    -make like irc / texting channels
    -pull up stats of batter
    -pull up weather / wind statistics

Dancing simulator

    ----dancing toekeyboard
    ----toekeyboard dancing
    ----dance dance revolution
    ----ddr for the mobile phone

        -use mobile phone gyroscope to gauge orientation of individual
            international ballroom: waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, viennesse waltz
            international latin: cha cha, rumba, tango, jive
            salsa, merengue
            hip hop
            swing, lindy hop
            tap dancing

waltz left turn

Boxing footwork simulator

    -boxing foot work
    -use tilt sensor of phone
    -shadow boxing game

Driving simulator

    -mobile driving (gas/accelerate & break/stopping)

Musician Footswitch

        terminatorx - realtime audio synthesizer

        xwax - open-source vinyl emulation software for Linux

        mixxx - Digital Disc Jockey Interface

        lmms - Linux Multimedia Studio

        sox - Swiss army knife of sound processing
    1/4" (6.35mm) to 0.14" (3.5mm) adapter

Go / Chess Assistant

9gag chess Go-board algebraic notation

Competition / Competing products

    -foot switch page turner

    ipad sheet-music foot switch (bluetooth)     Hands Free Page Turns for iPad Musicians with the AirTurn BT-105 Bluetooth Page Turner     AirTurn and Virtual Sheet Music Viewer Application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch     New Airturn PED Review with Onsong
    ipad sheet-music foot switch

----Spy socks (bluetooth)
        567 Davis Drive, Unit 1, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

    -formulated idea during #PitchItYork    (     june 06, 2017

----Myo armband

    -moving to the calfs of the legs, to detect toe flexing Digits: Is the Myo Arm Band Worh $200? 

----Uses velostat for pressure switches



Open manufacturing
Commons-based peer production
Open source appropriate technology


Pressure Plate Switch / Velostat / Linqstat




----fidget spinner
        When I asked them what advice they had for young entrepreneurs, they talked about the importance of perseverance, working hard, and embracing failure when you're young. 
        Instead of waiting for an opportunity or idea to come to you, "you have to put in the work and just do something," Weiss said. "A lot of people think about ideas or talk about ideas, but you actually have to go out and take action." 
        "Nowadays, people think it's bad when you fail, but there's a lot you can learn,"                  //snail    Eyes and arms 1.0    Gifs eyes and arms 2.0    Eyes and Arms 3.0