Type Quantity
Business card sized toekeyboard sample kits 100
Full toekeyboard 0

Material Stock Place of acquisition
3.5mm audio jack 0 Sayal.com
Ethernet 15 units x ~16ft = 240ft Sayal.com
Solder (60/40 activated rosin core solder) 110 inches Sayal.com
Aluminum Foil (for contact pads) 4 rolls Dollar store
Plastic (for insulators) 4 bags Dollar store
Clear plastic tape 2" wide 3 rolls Dollar store
String 2 rolls Dollar store
Blank paper 500 sheets Office supplies


        3.5mm audio phone connector / audio jack (connection to cellphone)
        (Tip-Ring-Sleeve, TRS connector)
        (source:  +8 ft cable, double ended audio jack.  26-30 AWG. Left & Right channel encased in different sleeves)

    Aluminum foil (for contact pads):
        (7/8)" x 1"   (x4)
        (source:  aluminum foil from kitchen, normally used for baking/bbq)

    Plastic (for insulator between contact pads):
        1" x 1"(1/2)"   (x2)
        (if aluminum contacts are sticking together, increase thickness with multiple plastic layers)
        (source: think plastic bag from any food packaging)

    Tape (to bind contact pads and insulator together):
        (source: 2" wide duck tape)

    String (to secure pads to big toes) (x2)
        (source: wide packing string, more comfortable)

Sample kits (business card size)

    Plastic:    1 1/2" x 1"
    Aluminum:   1 x 7/8"
    Paper:      1 1/2" x 1"
    String (wide packing string):   3" (not useable, but conveys idea of having string)
    Wire (braded, 26 AWG-american wire guage):      3" (1" stripped)
    Clear tape (2" wide):   ~2" (almost square)     (for contacts pads)
    Masking tape (7/8" wide):   1/2" (thumb width)  (for attaching string to pad)
                    1/4" (1/2 thumb width)  (for binding two individual pads together)

        From plastic rice bag
        Heavy-duty Barbecue strength 25' Aluminum Foil
        EarthChoice50 office paper.  
        White 92.  Letter size 8.5x11in/216x279mm.  Sheets 500. Item 1846.
    String (wide packing string):
        distributed by: P.I.C
        Toronto, Ontario
        item no. 31004
    Wire (braded, 26 AWG-american wire guage):  
        Ethernet cable cat 5
    Clear tape (2" wide): 
        Canadian Technical Tape Ltd. Montreal, Qc. Canada
        Cantech Industries Inc. Johnson City, TN U.S.A
    Masking tape (7/8" wide): 
        General Purpose Masking Tape
        Masking Tape Cat. 2050

Statistics & Measurements

    Heavy-duty Barbecue strength 25' Aluminum Foil
        45.6 cm x 7.6 m = 3.5m^2
        18 in x 25 ft = 37.5 sq ft
        18 in x 25 ft x (12 in / 1 ft) = 5400 sq in

    Square contact pads (x4)
        1 in x (7/8) in = (7/8) sq in
        (7/8) sq in x 4 = 3.5 sq in

    Number of toekeyboard that can be produced from a single roll of aluminum foil
        5400 sq in / 3.5 sq in = 1542.857...
        Therefore, can produce 1542 toekeyboards



    Bluetooth headset

    Old wired headphones / earbuds
        for 3.5mm audio phone connector / audio jack (connection to cellphone)
         (Tip-Ring-Sleeve, TRS connector)
        must split in the middle, so wires can go down legs.


    1. Cut 8 ft+ double ended audio cable in half.  Strip ends, expose 1" wire.   (akes two toe keyboards, each 4 ft long)  
    2. Cut four aluminum foil pads ((7/8)" x 1")
    3. Punch hole through all four aluminum foil pads (with pin / sewing needle / thumbtack) ( (1/2)" from side; (1/4)" from bottom )
    4. Put exposed copper wires through holes.  Bend wires, loop at bottom.  Solder in place.
    5. Cut two plastics pads (1" x 1"(1/2)")
    6. Cut holes through them with scissors.  (Center: (1/2)" from side; (5/8)" from top. Diameter: approximately (3/8)")
    7. Make toe keyboard pads
        i. Lie one aluminum pad and wire on tape
        ii. Lie plastic pad on top
        iii. Lie alumium pad on plastic pad
        iv. Wrap tape around pads
        v. Wrap tape around paper, for additional protection / advertising / instructions.
        v. Tape string to one side.  (String 8" long)
        vi. Repeat for second pad


    Pen / marker
    Scissor / Exacto knife  
    Duck tape
    Pin / sewing needle / thumbtack 
    Wire Strippers
    Soldering iron
    Laser printer

Internal tools fabrication

    Metal soup can lips, to make hole cutters in plastic insulator.
    Use two different scissors, when cutting masking tape & string.  So doesnt stick to scissors.


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