----Accessories needed

	Bluetooth headset

	Old wired headphones / earbuds
	    for 3.5mm audio phone connector / audio jack (connection to cellphone)
	     (Tip-Ring-Sleeve, TRS connector)
	    must split in the middle, so wires can go down legs.

----Materials needed
	    3.5mm audio phone connector / audio jack (connection to cellphone)
	    (Tip-Ring-Sleeve, TRS connector)
	    (source:  +8 ft cable, double ended audio jack.  26-30 AWG. Left & Right channel encased in different sleeves)

	Aluminum foil (for contact pads):
	    (7/8)" x 1"(1/4)"   (x4)
	    (source:  aluminum foil from kitchen, normally used for baking/bbq)

	Plastic (for insulator between contact pads):
	    1" x 1"(3/4)"	(x2)
	    (if aluminum contacts are sticking together, increase thickness with multiple plastic layers)
	    (source: think plastic bag from any food packaging)

	Tape (to bind contact pads and insulator together):
	    (source: 2" wide duck tape)

	Elastic bands (to secure pads to big toes)	(x2)
	    (source: thin elastic bands usually wrapping scallion / green onions together)

----Tools needed
	Pen / marker
	Scissor / Exacto knife  
	Duck tape
	Pin / sewing needle / thumbtack 
	Wire Strippers
	Solder  (60/40)
	Soldering iron

	1. Cut 8 ft+ double ended audio cable in half.  makes two toe keyboards.  Strip ends.
	2. Cut four aluminum foil pads ((7/8)" x 1"(1/4)")
	3. Punch hole through all four aluminum foil pads (with pin / sewing needle / thumbtack) ( (1/2)" from side; (1/4)" from bottom )
	4. Put exposed copper wires through holes.  Bend wires.  Solder in place.
	5. Cut two plastics pads (1" x 1"(3/4)")
	6. Cut holes through them with scissors.  (Center: (1/2)" from side; (5/8)" from top. Diameter: approximately (3/8)")
	7. Make toe keyboard pads
		i.Lie one aluminum pad and wire on tape
		ii. Lie plastic pad on top
		iii. Lie alumium pad on plastic pad
		iv. Finish wrapping tape around all pads
		v. Cut out small triangles on sides of pad.  Fit elastic band around them
		vi. Repeat for second pad

Heavy-duty Barbecue strength 25' Aluminum Foil
	45.6 cm x 7.6 m = 3.5m^2
	18 in x 25 ft = 37.5 sq ft
	18 in x 25 ft x (12 in / 1 ft) = 5400 sq in

Square contact pads (x4)
	1 in x (7/8) in = (7/8) sq in
	(7/8) sq in x 4 = 3.5 sq in

# of toekeyboard that can be produced from a single roll of aluminum foil
	5400 sq in / 3.5 sq in = 1542.857...
	Therefore, can produce 1542 toekeyboards